Few Steps For DIY Glass Album Cover

Few Steps For DIY Glass Album Cover

The album protect is an important portion of the songs business. It’s first thing that an performer recognizes when they’re browsing their selection, and it could be a great artwork to hold on your walls or give like a gift item. This blog post will show you steps to make your very own custom made Picture Keychain with components from at home!

Initial, you will need the subsequent components:

-Window (you should use a well used photo framework or even a windowpane if you would like!)

-Sharpie Color Markers in any shade(s) of your picking

-Mod Podge Gloss Complete, sealer squirt, or some other obvious jacket complete

DIY recording cover guidelines:

Now you have all the components to make cup record addresses it’s time to get started! First, determine which side will likely be inside and outside. Then obtain each Sharpie color marker and beautify out!

Be sure never to hit too hard since these markers are very long-lasting. You will need several coats depending on how opaque you’d like them. Once all things are dried out explode the adhesive tape to ensure no sharpies bleed under then use a clear jacket.

I do believe everything seems great except maybe add some coloration particulars on the top still left part and include some shimmer or bling with it. You may also beautify the window recording include making use of painting pencils for glass in the event you don’t want to use sharpies. Use diverse hues and patterns to make it a lot more exclusive.

The glass record include needs to have an effortless even coating in order that it won’t mark, Use Mod Podge or even a very similar product or service to guard the window from simply being broken. Within the mod podge, you can use a sealer squirt, that is non-toxic therefore it won’t possess terrible effect on your window recording deal with.

Ensure that the coating has an even all-on the work surface for protection and adornment reasons. The result ought to be smooth without/minimum scuff marks when designing making use of Sharpies color markers.

The Important Thing

That’s it! Now you have a unique glass recording include that may go fantastic with your music selection.