When designing the menu of the wedding catering, count on the best in the market, The Great Greek Food Truck

When designing the menu of the wedding catering, count on the best in the market, The Great Greek Food Truck

The wedding catering menu is the meeting point for the bride and groom with all their guests. Until the arrival, the moment of the reception or the aperitif, friends, and family are spectators of unrepeatable moments and full of emotion. They are witnesses of a key event in any person’s life.
Once the ceremony is over, the solemnity must give way to the celebration, the silence will give way to the bustle, and there is no better way to achieve it than around a table and some delicious food. The party begins, and everything is ready to make the experience unforgettable.
Surely the choice of wedding catering near me is one of the decisions you take more seriously when planning your wedding. It is appropriate since there are many points to decide on.
The type of menu you want to serve; the need to incorporate special menus; children’s menus, if they will attend your wedding; the ideal place for tasting appetizers and dinner; and seated menus such as a buffet or cocktail type. All that and much more is achieved with the people of The Great Greek Food Truck.

The best design for your catering

When designing the wedding catering menu that will be served at your wedding, you must consider what time it will be held. You can have ideas like diced hake with boletus and shrimp cream to whet your appetite, Iberian pork with gorgonzola cheesecake, and dried fruit crumble to finish making your friends and family’s mouths water.
And to put the finishing touch, lemon cake with mojito sorbet, but, looking at the calendar, you may prefer to replace this menu sketch with another one more in line with the current weather.

The right price for your catering

But if the party is less formal, you can do the food truck rental where the food is more adapted so that people can eat standing up, talk, and even do any activity during the event.
The best of all is that by hiring the services of The Great Greek Food Truck, you do not have to spend large sums of money to enjoy catering and all your family and friends being satisfied.